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Things men need to know about women.

Women are emotional creatures unlike men. That's why we need to understand some things about women so that we can avoid misunderstanding them. This things will enable us understand our women better when it comes to different situations. What do women want? This is one of the question among many, that men ask themselves. When you know what women want or need from men it's much easier to navigate or keep a relationship. Understanding this few things will help us understand women better.

Here are some things that men need to know about women;

1. Being understood.

We feel better when we have someone who understands us. Most of the times men fail to understand their women and this leads to them being misinterpreted or misunderstood. Just as any one else, women need us to understand them, how they think and feel, even though that is impossible. It would help us understand women's thoughts function like computers and women process everything all at once. Unlike men who process one thing at a time. By understanding them we will be able to know how to handle our women.

2. Being loved

It feels special when we have someone who loves us and when we feel loved. Many women feel insecure about our love for them. We should always tell our women we love them whether we have conflicts, either in bad times and good times. Telling them that makes them feel secure and loved. And there is nothing that feels good like having someone who makes you feel special and loved. That gives us why we need to make our women feel loved and that's what many women want.

3. Being listened to.

Have you ever been listened to? And if yes you know the feeling. Men, she doesn't want us to fix it, she just wants us to listen. She doesn't want or need a solution to the problem even if she asked for our opinion, she only wants us to understand how she's feeling and identify the problem through how she feels. "Thanks for sharing that with me", might be good words to say to her. Listening makes women feel good that's why we should always listen to them as that's what they want.

4. Women want to feel beautiful.

Beauty is different ways. Beauty isn't someone physical appearance but the heart that person has. Women will always ask you how they look depending on the clothes they wear. They always want to hear about our opinion when it comes to that. And before that, she needs to know deep down, that you find her beautiful. That you only have eyes for and no one else that will show her that she is beautiful more than anyone else and that's why you don't have eyes for someone else.

5. Emotional Security.

We all know that women are jealous people. And as men we need to make them feel secure emotionally and not giving them a reason to doubt us. Women want to feel secure. We can make them feel secure in different ways one of which is financial security. But the most important one which comes first is emotional security. When you make her feel emotionally secure there will be no problem. As that is what women want to always feel secure emotionally.

6. Being appreciated.

It's always good to appreciate our women. We all feel good when we have someone who appreciates you makes you feel special. Being appreciative despite how little the thing is it's something good. Men need to appreciate what our women do for us. They take their time in making sure they prepare that for us no matter how little it is. Saying "thank you" will make them feel better.

Let's learn to understand our women and let's make sure we understand our women.

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