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6 Things That Show You Have The Spirit Of Rejection And 5 Ways To Deal With It

In life, there's more than meets the eye. Most of the things we experience in life that are beyond our power happen in the spiritual realm. One of the things that affects the life of some people is the spirit of rejection. It is a very bad spirit that causes a person to be rejected and feel unwanted everywhere they go.

This spirit is prevalent in children or people who were rejected by their parents at birth as well as people who were disowned. It may also gain access in a person's life incase they start to despise themselves because of the flaws they possess and wishing to be like others. Parents could also tranfer this spirit in the life of their children if they begin to mistreat or disregard them. Because of this spirit, a person tends to think of themselves as being good for nothing. This eventually affects their self-esteem making them believe that they are non-entities in life. The following are possible signs of the spirit of rejection:

1. You are always despised and disregarded

Although you have all the good qualities that one may desire, if this spirit is in operation in your life you will always be despised wherever you go. It seems as if nobody sees anything important in you.

2. You face multiple rejection in relationships

If this spirit is present in a person's life, they tend to have temporary relationships due to rejection by friends and partners. This can either be due to a mistake they did although most of the time the reason is never known. As a result, it leaves the person feeling dejected and could lead to depression.

3. You often have a feeling that you are hated or despised

If you often experience feelings that you are hated, despised or rejected, it means that the spirit of rejection is already manifesting in your life.

4. You never qualify for anything good

This spirit may cause a person's life to only revolve around meaningless things that they probably never wanted to have or experience. When they try to advance to the next stage, their progress is hampered.

5. You struggle to make other people to like or accept you

A person may go to any length to ensure that they get the love, attention or acceptance they desire. Perhaps this may help to boost their self-esteem.

6. You also despise yourself

Other than being despised by others, you tend to demean yourself. This could be as a result of being rejected by others or being treated as less important.

How to deal with the spirit of rejection

There are several ways out for any person who has this spirit. There are people who have been delivered. The solution may to some extent be the role of the person.

a) Believe in yourself

You should begin to recognize your self worth. Instead of despising yourself, accept yourself as you are and believe that you are important before God and others.

b) Make positive confession about yourself

Although you are rejected or you have certain limitations, begin to confess good about yourself. You are beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made by God. This will help boost your self-esteem.

c) Renounce every negative confession

If you have said any negative thing about yourself, another person or your child, renounce it completely. This may help reverse every contrary spirit you have given access to your life or other's as a result of the negative confession.

d) Practise forgiveness

Unforgiveness is a big barrier. If you have harboured it or you hold grudges against those that mistreated you, it's time to forgive and reconcile with them.

e) Pray against the spirit of rejection

The ultimate solution is in taking the matter to God. Pray for God's deliverance from the spirit of rejection in the name of Jesus Christ. This will usher you into a new season in your life where you will experience change.

In conclusion, it is important to note that it is not every time you are rejected that you have this spirit. For example that your job application failed doesn't mean that you suffer the spirit of rejection. Maybe you just didn't qualify for that job. However, if you have multiple rejections whereas those with lower qualifications are being considered, then that could be a possibility.

May God deliver you from the spirit of rejection in Jesus mighty name.

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