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Why women like men with money

Why women like men with money

It has been a common thing that women want men with money.Men call them gold-diggers. This is because they don't understand why.Below are reasons why.

They get what they want.Men with money tend to provide everything that women want.They feel satisfied since all their needs are catered for.

They want their social status to look good.Women want to be seen with men who can give them everything they need.The need to compete with their friends who also have rich men.

Men with money are confident.Women want men who are confident in what they are doing.This is because confidence indicates dominance in a relationship.

Rich men look smart always.The need for a handsome and smart guy is a key factor. Rich men dress well and this boosts their confidence.

Women want men with money because they are poor.The need to balance the need, they believe rich men can pull them out of poverty.

The desire for better lifestyle.Rich men tend to love spending money while enjoying themselves.Women want to be happy just like they are.They believe with the money thier lifestyle will change into a better one

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