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Wedding dress

Ball gowns for flower girls

Are you planning a wedding and you have no idea what your flower girls will wear? Ypu no longer have to worry because this article will guide you to choose elegant dress designs for your flower girls and you won't regret it.

When planning a wedding you first have to identify the colors of your wedding. That will help you to choose the dress colours for your flower girls. What if yellow is part of your wedding colours?

You can have yellow and a black lace at the bottom and the hand part or you can simply choose plain yellow.

If you have a blue theme, then you can mix their dresses or make them plain. The dress can be blue and a white lace put around it or white with a blue lace.

If you prefer long sleeve gowns for your flower girls then the lace can be placed on the hands part.

Ball gowns are really beautiful especially if you use a lace on them. The following are other ball gowns that you can suggest for your flower girls.

White dress with gold lace

Maroon gown with white lace

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