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3 Tell Signs He's not Serious About You

1. He begins talking about love and marriage a few days after beginning courtship.

He begins to tell you how much he misses you out of the blue and how crazy he is for you, and keep in mind you have barely gotten to know each other. He starts asking to many personal questions yet he has told you nothing about himself and when you question him, he says he is just checking to see if you would make a good wife.

2. He's never asked you on a dated but insist you should visit him.

This guy is not serious it does not take a genius to know what he's after, since for one he is not ready to be seen in public with you.

3. Find out something he's been hiding he becomes all defensive and never gives and explanation.

When he becomes all defensive when you confront him with your truth something you find out and he didn't want you to, this person has a whole lot to hide and they end up guilt tripping you and start asking questions like who has been telling you about there life , blah blah, instead of giving a straight up explanation.

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