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Ladies: Losing Your Innocence Before Marriage Doesn't Mean You Are A Bad Woman.

In the traditional African communities virginity was a very valued thing that every girl was expected to have. Of course it's a treasure to be untouched till marriage. In these communities, virginity test used to be carried out on your first night in marriage. If found altered, then that girl would be considered as an outcast. Personally I consider this as discrimination, yes she's not a virgin but do you have to humiliate her?

The current generation has really changed the norms on this culture though some religions still hold on it. Fine, ladies who lose innocence before marriage experience guilty feeling for that mistake. But on my side, I'm in the support of a girl child. Losing your virginity before marriage doesn't mean you are a bad woman.

There is still a second chance to remodel your life. It's not the end of the journey. Every time you feel like you failed yourself don't feel dejected. Hold on to prayers, tell God to untie the soul connections which drag you back. Don't let men blame you for being too vulnerable to let your innocence be taken away. I understand the pain of losing a crush after he discovers that you're not a virgin.

People talk about soul ties created through premarital sex. I don't think this is a real thing, to me it's a myth. My dear, don't feel like you did a big mistake that's just part of life and things sometimes happen unplanned. Turn to God and repent then ask Him to give you a second chance and indeed he will. This is not a failure, it's a way of making you understand the meaning of life.

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