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4 Killer Diseases That Can Be Transmitted Through Kissing But You Simply Have No Idea

Whenever we think of Kissing a person,the risk of getting a disease never crosses our minds.A kiss is simply a display of affection and as such we hardly associate it with contracting health conditions.However,in this article I'm going to discuss four killer diseases that you can contract through kissing:

4.Respiratory viruses

This are usually colds,flu and measles.The viruses are normally transmitter when you share say a room or belongings with someone.However exchanging saliva with some increases your chance of contracting this deadly viruses.


Bacterial meningitis is usually passed from one person to another through kissing.Symptoms include headache,stiff neck,nausea, vomiting and fever.Before you kiss someone I recommend you know first their medical history.


Herpes can be transmitted through kissing and will end up giving you cold sores in and around your unfortunately,once you contract this virus it stays with you forever.


Influenza can be transmitted through an infected person.This normally happens when one gets into contact with his mucus or saliva.People can infect others with the flu virus one day before they have symptoms and upto to seven days after becoming sick.

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