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4 Signs She is Fighting Her Feelings For You

1. You catch him stealing glances at you

The usual thing is that she avoids making eye contact so as not to give the game away, especially one who’s fighting her feelings.

2. She doesn’t talk a lot around you

You might also notice that your guy talks a lot less than usual when you are in the room. It’s not untypical for guys to do that when they catch feelings, but they may act even more guarded than usual when going out of their way to hide it.

3. She is attentive to you

She may not talk much, but he will make up for that gap by being attentive to you. She may ask you questions that get you going or if you are not alone, just let you do your thing from afar while he watches intently.

4. She’s always there for you

She might be the girl that comes to mind when you need a listening ear or a broad shoulder to cry on.

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