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Divorce Affair

7 Signs to Show You That You Husband Has Another Woman

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if your husband is cheating on you. But by just looking at this signs you work will be made easier.

1. Listen to your conscience

 Your instinct suspects him of being Unfaithful and you feel like things are not right. You have observed his behaviour change over time and now you are uncomfortable. If you have this feeling try to find out and talk to him as well.

2. Interaction with the phone

We appreciate the growth of technology every now and then. This has made is easier to communicate with people who are far. In a relationship, one can tell when a partner is cheating by how they interact with technology. When you notice that he has two phones with SIM cards of which one you don't know it, then be sure he is communicating with other ladies using it. In addition also he has more than one facebook accounts and you only know one.

3. Friends talk

As his wife interact with his friends too as they can be an indicator for your cheating man. Friends can notice it and just know their is something cooking out in your relationship. They may proceed to you to ask you questions just to proof their suspicion. When you experience this, then you man is sharing your love elsewhere.

4. Not invited anymore

You used to hang out together and have a walk just to enjoy your love. He used to invite you to accompany him for lunch and swim together too. But now he has changed immediately and he is not calling you any more. This should be clear that he is using his time more with another woman.

5.He always gets angry

He becomes angry all the time over a small thing and become too defensive. This is just to try and cover his acts and appear innocent to you. It is also a way of preventing you from asking questions which might lead you to know his cheating secret.

6. He accuses you of being Unfaithful

When you see a man always checking your phone and social accounts and always blame you for cheating when you know you aren't, then be know he is the one doing it. He is doing all this so that you can have trust in him as a faithful guy but behind the curtain he is not.

7. Frequent showers.

You found out that he took a shower when he left and immediately he arrives in the evening, he goes direct to shower. He is not hugging you as he used to do every evening. This is a way of scrubbing away cheating evidence that you may notice through smelling such as another woman perfume. 

Do you agree with this? Remember to share widely to save another person too. 

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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