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"He Invited me to His House at Night, Forced me to Undress & Later Chased me Out "- Campus Girl Says


Life at Campus is very hard at some point when it comes to matters on relationships. Many students meet their first time lovers after joining campus and in the process most relationships have many ups and downs that result in dramatic occurrences. There have been many instances where many students have lost their lives as a result of love triangle.

In the same way, those students living outside the campus premises might end up inviting their lovers from the hostels as they spend most nights together as couples. This has been a problem to most ladies as they end up in houses of people whom they have just met once as they are taken advantage of before being dumped.

There have been many instances where campus girls are forced to do the unthinkable with people whom they have not yet developed good Chemistry together.

According to the Standard Digital, a campus girl has highlighted how her friend introduced her to a man who took advantage of her. The relationship was still very fresh and the girl had just chatted with her new 'man' on WhatsApp and the conversation was very sweet depicting that the relationship would last longer.

The man the invited the girl to his house at night and the lady just came. After spending some times together, the man took the girl's Hijab and handbag and locked them up in a wardrobe telling her that he will not return them until she satisfies him.

The girl complied but after some moments of physical gratification, the man threw the girl out of the house in the wee hours of the night.


This is a clear illustration that the man just wanted to satisfy his own wishes but never wanted anything to do with relationship.

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