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Ladies, How To Win Your Man Heart. Here Are Romantic Things To Say To Him

Wether you're in a long-term relationship or just began dating, here are some romantic things to say to a man.

1. You are the only person on the planet who truly understands me.

Honesty and open communication are the hallmarks of a healthy partnership. If you can say this to your partner, he'll be overjoyed because it's a sign of a happy relationship.

2. My peers are envious of my relationship with you.

Hearing that someone is envious of your relationship because of his attractiveness will never hurt a man's ego. This is a lighthearted, charming message that is usually favorably received.

3. I'm not sure how you do it, but I'm grateful you do.

This phrase expresses your understanding of how difficult you are to deal with and your appreciation for his pain. If you've been particularly tough to deal with recently, this is a terrific message to give.

4. When you're around me, you're such a dashing gentleman.

It serves two reasons to say this cute sentence to your partner. To begin with, it expresses your gratitude for your man's chivalrous behaviour when you're out together. Second, it expresses your desire for him to continue.

5. You're a fascinating character. You are extremely well-versed in a wide range of subjects.

It's never a bad idea to stroke your guy's ego. Everyone desires to be respected and admired, after all. Even if your relationship is still new, this is a lighthearted, nice remark you may make.

6. I was having a bad day until I remembered you, and everything changed.

It's a little corny, to be sure. However, if it is true for you, your lover will appreciate hearing it.

7. You are the most manly man I have ever met.

This straightforward sentence expresses your admiration for your man's manhood. Most, if not all, men enjoy feeling masculine and manly, thus this statement is ideal for instilling that feeling in your man.

8. I am looking forward to seeing you once more.

This expresses your want to spend more time with your partner. This also suggests a willingness to develop the relationship further in a new relationship.

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