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Red Flags That Show You Are Dating A Player( Take Note)

Hello there, hope you are doing well. In this era, most people fear to date this is because they don't want to be cheated on. Almost every relationship has one partner who usually cheats the other one. Today my team and i will just highlight some tips that show you are dating a player.

A player is someone who uses all means to manipulate a person of the opposite gender. This term is mostly used by men who want to win the affection of a woman and prove to them that she is the only one while in real sense, she is using that tactic to win other women. Without wasting much of your time, here are those tips.

He isn't ready to introduce you to his close people.

If your man can't introduce you to his friends or relatives, there a high chances that he is cheating on you. This is because he is afraid that someone may reveal something that maybe you aren't aware about. When a guy is serious about your relationship with him. He will feel free to introduce you to his people.

If you notice that he can't tell you some of top secrets about his life, then it means that yiu aren't that too important to him. So it's good you be aware of such acts so that you can avoid hurting yourself once more. Yiu should avoid such a person in your life.

He hates to be ignored or rejected.

This normally takes place when he asks you to accompany him when he wants to go out. When you turn him down, he will be very aggressive at you so that you can only feel his anger and at long last you accompany him. A player hates to be rejected or ignored at any cost.

As a girl, you need to be keen. There's no need to hung out with someone you already know that he is a player. He may do anything so that he can only get what he actually wants from you. You should always be ready to say no or yes as long as you know you are sure about you are saying.

He is always busy using his phone.

We all want privacy especially during the first stage of dating. We never feel free to tell our partner what goes on in our lives. Almost every relationship experience such a thing so you aren't alone. When you often catch him looking on his phone, don't start questioning him because every one is addicted when it comes to using a phone.

What you should take note is when he checks the phone frequently and he doesn't fear texting back the texts. This show that there are high chances of him cheating on you. When you can't capture his attention when you are with him, them be sure that you will never capture his attention when you are far from each other.

The points are many but my crew thought that the above points are the ones necessary for you. Thanks for your time and continue following for more articles that will change how you view and handle critical situations related to relationships. See you soon and stay safe.

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