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How To Make Ladies Chase After You (4 Tips)

1. Dress to kill. The way you dress signifies a lot about who you are. Most ladies choose the type of guy they want to date by looking at how he dresses. They want someone who has a taste for fashion. If you are old school fashioned you are likely to attract very few ladies.

2. Make your own money. Ladies love guys with money and money makes a large percentage of modern relationships. If you want the hot girls to run after you, work to earn some cash. This way you will be confident that you can treat your girlfriend to an out. Broke guys piss off ladies.

3. Be talkative and fun. Ladies hate shy and boring guys. They want a person who is going to keep them active by giving them fun conversations. This way they won't be bored around you. You realize that guys who talk less have less friends. This is the same to attracting ladies.

4. Respect yourself and others as well. Morals play a big role in the society. When you respect people they also respect you and this means everyone will like you. Who will no be attracted to someone that everyone likes? Just that simple and you will have dozens of girls coming after you. A good character is always an attraction.

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