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The Time To Break Up With A Long Time Partner

It is a norm that long time couples do nearly everything together. However, when it reaches a point where you agree to call off such relationship you have to put a lot of consideration. First and foremost you need to determine if it is finally time to say goodbye to your long-time partner.

1. When you are more sad than happy in your relationship. Every time you think about your partner, it should put a smile in your face. Unfortunately if does the opposite, I think it is now time to start considering a permanent breakup.

2. Your future looks grin. When considering to have a lifetime partner, you must be willing to share your worldly possessions, family and friends with your new partner. If you cannot it is wise to terminate such relationship.

3. If you find out your relationship is going nowhere. When it reaches to this extent it is best for both partners to agree that it is time to move on.

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