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Dating Romantic

Does your partner have these Qualities??

Relationship is the foundation of marriage.Thus we must be careful and observent when it comes to selecting who to have and who not to have in our lives.Here are some of the main factors to consider while selecting a partner.

He/she must be trust worth, honest and loving

It's unfortunate to allow someone in your life without testing his/her behaviors.In relationship or marriage there's nothing more important than being faithful to each other. So make sure you have set a small test for your partner out of his/her knowledge. And I his/her performance will automatically tell you who he/she is.

He/she must be ready to protect you against his/her family and friends

Anyone who can stand for you against his/her family and friends will be someone who truly loves you.Other hand the person who remains silent,goes against your will, talk ill of you and fail to protect you from being abused by his close people is nothing but a big hypocrite person.

He/she must have guts to declare you as his/her only beloved one in public

If he/she fail to do so know that there's someone else whom he/she is dating. Some who loves you can be ready to go to any extant to show off his love.

Gives you full attention

Any person who seems to be busy, chatting, reading, writing, watching and so many others things while you are together, proves to you that you mean nothing to him.Someone who loves you unconditionally feels excited and relaxed while you are together.

Does he/she thinks about you??

This is a question most of lovers asks themselves .

Here is some of the hinds on how to discover your partner thinks about you

Visiting you regularly

Calling you regularly

Wants to spend most of the time with you

Mentioning you name most of the talks

Posting you on social media

Talking about you with his/her friends

Surprising you with gifts

Making you his/her first priority

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