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2 Mind Games Men Always Play On Women

Dating is not always bed of roses, it is acceptable to state that many people participate in it as a sport. You would be shocked how much time people spend in honing their talents and playing their cards better than previously. The trouble is that when it comes to love, knowing about methods isn't enough to keep you safe from them. Here are three mental games that guy's engage in.

1. Makes you insecure about yourself

This is an example of I'll intentioned game. If a girl is too far out of a man's league, the man begins to feel insecure. This is when he chooses to start sabotaging the girl's self esteem so she doesn't even consider leaving.

2. Showering you with gifts and attention

Men can play the game of showering you with gifts and attention to get that satisfaction. The more delightful your reactions are, the happier thy are until they get bored and go on.

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