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Things To Do To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

There are things your should do to make someone happy.When you want to make your boyfriend happy, their are things you need to do and when you want to make your girlfriend happy, their are things you need to do.Here are things to do to make your girlfriend happy.

1.Respect her highly.Listen to what she is saying and take action immediately for what she has said.Do not interrupt her while she is talking something.

2.Do not make relationship with other girls.Love her alone and do not love any other girl.Get satisfied with her only as your only girlfriend.

3.Surprises her with a flower and other gifts.Buy gifts like flower and take to her during her parties.

4.Introduce her to your friends.Get your friends to know her well that your are the one making relationship with her.

5.Dress well to impress her.Dress well to make her feel impressed with you.Wear smart clothes that can make you look attractive.

6.Invite her to your home and make her sweet food to eat.Invite her to your home and prepare her sweet food to eat.

7.Take her to outing to refresh herself.Pay outside visit with her to refresh together.

8.Maintain eye contact with her when you are talking to her.Look directly to her eyes while you are talking.

9.Spend you time with her.Take your time and spent with her to discuss together.Ask her what she needs and promise to give her.Touch her hair and ears while you are sitting together.

10.Wish her nice day everyday through calling her and texting her.Text her and call her to here how she spend her day.Text her every morning before she wake up and every night before she sleep.

11.Make jokes and funny to make her smile.When she is around you, make small jokes to make her to smile and laugh abit hence she will be happy.

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