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You Will Be Very Much Hurt If Your Partner Does 3 Of These Things

Love and relationships is a turn off to many people.They therefore, choose to be single other than being in Relationships with people who will eventually break their hearts.

The following are the things your partner will do which will end up hurting you.

- If he/she uses alcohol and other drugs.

A lot of people use alcohol and other drugs. When a person uses drugs he will definitely fail to carry out his or her family responsibilities, this hurts the feelings of the other partner.

If the alcoholic partner never promises to change his or her ways then a break up becomes the best option and it usually hurts

- If Your partner has a relationship with sponsors.

This behaviour is most common in young couples and mostly the female gender usually takes it serious.

If a man fails to provide for his wife, the wife then looks for rich old men who will be giving her money. It usually when her partner knows about it.

- If your partner attends night parties.

So many people like attending night parties. If one partner attends a night party it is usually taken that the partner went out to cheat. This then becomes a major issue as the act hurts very much.

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