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How to introduce yourself to a woman you like

When it comes introducing yourself to a woman you like, you need to be creative and smart about it. Do not just rush into her expecting her to give you are positive response just like that. Instead do this when introducing yourself to her for the first time to avoid a negative feedback.

1. Compliment something other than her looks.

Acknowledge something of hers that pushes her personality and style to the fore, such as her generosity or unique style of purse.

2. Bring up a shared interest.

Use your common environment to strike up a conversation. Try asking what their experience at that venue has been like.

3. Ask for her honest opinion.

Therapists cited that anyone will be happy to share their opinions with an interested party. If you give her an opportunity to talk about herself, she will feel that much more comfortable.

4. Tell a bonding joke.

Jokes are disarming and are particularly powerful because they work at a biological level. When a woman laughs, she releases oxytocin which is bonding hormone' that influences her to be more open to further conversation.

5. Ask for directions.

This is one of the best way to introduce yourself to her if you are in a new neighborhood. Ask her for directions to a certain place or ask to take you there. After she is done helping then it is the right moment to know her. You can ask her name and even her number so that you two can keep in touch.

6. Text her on social media.

If you know her social media profile, then this is the perfect place to text her. You can do this by replying to her story or commenting on her post. After she replies you can get to know her better.

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