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Have A Healthy Relationship With An HIV Positive Husband Or Wife By Considering The Following.

If by any chance your partner is HIV positive, don't neglect him/ her. This is because couples in mixed- HIV status relationships can also live a normal life as other couples, but with precautions.

You can make your relationship healthy by ensuring that your partner adheres to the HIV Medications. Both of you can also discuss and choose the best preventative measures.(photo; only for the purpose of illustration.)

You should also consider using a condom before any kind of sexual contact. The usage of PrEP might also be a valuable asset in Preventing the spread of the virus.

You should also Learn and understand more about HIV, in order to avoid myths and misconceptions. This will also help you to know how it spreads and the importance of HIV Medication adherence and healthy diet.

Thank you for your time. I hope you have learned something new. Please be sure to follow me for more educative health contents and updates.

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