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How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is A Potential Husband

Choosing a lifetime partner is not a walk in the park. Why? Because this is someone you intend to spend the rest of your life with. For that reason, it is only fit that you enter into a marital union with someone you will have no regrets choosing. Ladies, marry a guy who does the following for a fulfilling marriage:

1. You Can Talk To About Anything

Your lifetime partner should be your confidant. Someone you can open up to about anything and they won't judge or criticise you. It should be someone you can share with both your happiness and worries.

2. He Becomes Your Best Friend First

It is advisable to be friends first with someone you see as a potential lifetime partner. A guy who is after your heart will first seek a connection with you through friendship. If you can become best friends first, being married to them will be fulfilling as well.

3. He Plays With Your Hair

The little things that some people in relationships take for granted include playing with their partners hair. If your love language is touch, a guy who can play with your hair is a bonus.

4. He Won't Mind holding Your Hands In Public

A man who holds your hand in public is proud to show everyone that you belong to him. It is also a sign of reassurance that he has your back and is ready to protect you.

5. He Will Go On Long Walks With You

Long outdoor walks is an activity that some partners engage in. Such walks facilitate bonding and connection between couples. Go for someone who will enjoy going for such walks with you and show commitment towards them.

6. He Will Defend And Protect You

There is nothing as reassuring as having a man who you feel safe with in all situations and circumstances. Someone who will not hesitate to defend or protect you at all times. Take your time to find that knight in shining armour.

The bottom line is that you should never compromise when choosing a guy to marry. Take your time if need be. Also, make sure that you have worked on yourself first before finding that special someone. Don't carry childhood trauma, past failed relationships baggage, and self resentment into a relationship.

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