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How to revive a dying relationship.

Relationships can die due to various reasons like broken trust, long distance, lack of compassion, after a fight or lack of communication. Even the strongest relationships face challenges. Building a happy and healthy relationship takes time and you should know that issues are part of relationships and the goal is to create it together in a meaningful way.

Here are ways to go about it;

1. Take full responsibility if it was your fault.

•If it was your fault try to make your partner feel comfortable. You should not attempt to justify your actions or blame them or blame someone else for the dying relationship.

2. Give them opportunity to gain your trust back.

•Youbshould not play hard because your partner wronged you. You should try and find time to think about it and forgive them and try to trust again if he or she is genuinely asking for a second chance.

3. Practice transparency

•Always be transparent with your partner. Never hide anything from them even though bit may seem silly or childish.

4. Extend care and compassion to the one hurt

•Rather than biting your lips and saying I wish I knew try shifting that energy towards showing care and compassion to him.

5. Seek professional help.

•If things get hard try to consult a relationship advisor so that he can help and bring the love back.

6. Manage expectations.

•When you enter into a relationship you should tell each other your expectations so that you can avoid too much expectations.

7. Have regular visit schedules.

•Visit your partner regularly so that your relationship may nourish even if it is a long distance relationship.

8. Set aside time for online dates.

•You should try and break the monotony. Change the usual conversation. You should at times cook meals together and watch movies while you keep the video chat open and play Virtual game or even read short stories loudly and take turns to do so.

9. Use skilled communication

•You should always try and make your conversations and communication style better.

10. Speak from your heart.

•You should always tell your partner whatever is troubling you, because if you keep silent you will be hurt

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