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Divorce Affair

Causes of marriage breakups in the society

Marriage is a formally or a legally recognized union of two people as partners in relationship.

It is specifically union between a man and woman. Down here am going to discuss some reasons on why recently there is a lot of family breakups in the society.

1. Dishonest

Cheating your partner breaks his or her heart,whereby broken heart of your partner making with trust is hard to rebuild.

2. Unsupportive

If you can't be there for your partner then it's time to leave.

Been unsupportive makes one fell ivalid andnot worthy.learn to be supportive to your partner.

3. Giving up

Giving up isn't same as giving in,it needs to be considered when you're with your partner.

Relationship is all about comprise .

4. Bad behavior

Been married you should leave your past old behavior like smoking, drinking,cheating etc.

You have to stop such act so to have good terms with your partner.

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