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Relatioships Alert: It May Be All Fun and Games Until the Red Flags Hit You Smack on the Face

The exhiliration of a new romantic relationship can make you so oblivious to problems even when they become clearly apparent.

While there is no denying that romances are about twists and turns, some deal breakers are too hard to ignore no matter how blissfully carefree you may decide to be.

As human beings, we are innately good-to some extent of course and deep down we hope and assume other people have similar intentions just because we do.

Unfortunately, you never know the psychopath you may come cross with and get into an affair with.

It may be all blissful and games until the red flags hit you aight across the face and you get to see your companion for who they truly are.

So, whether you have just begun or you’re in a long-term relationship, here are universal red flags you shouldn’t overlook.

i.Poor communication

If you find yourself at a situation where you can’t air yourself emotionally to your spouse without them closing or downplaying your emotions, you need to be careful.

For a relationship to thrive it needs honesty and vulnerability from both sides.

If they abandon you to deal with circumstances on your own and your pleas are always met with the dreadful silent treatment or moodiness, you need to take note.

ii.Your relationship is a secret

It is acceptable that not everyone wants to put their romantic life out there.

But if they’re concealing having anything to do with you from colleagues and family, do yourself a favor and leave the relationship.

He or she could be playing you for their own plan or worse still they may be espoused or in another serious commitment.

A relationship is something to be delighted about and should not be kept a secret which in that case implies something is seriously out of place.

iii.No apologies

When they commit something that ourt the feelings of or offend you and you make them recognize it, they will find a way to talk themselves out of the problem perhaps indicting you for rendering it happen.

They will generate excuses and rationalize their behavior to avoid apologizing at all costs.

To ration how bad the situation is, ask yourself when was the last time they ever said sorry? Genuinely apologized.

In most cases you will learn you’re the one doing all the apologizing whether you’re on the right or wrong.

iv.Super secretive

If you don’t know where they labor, reside or who their pals are you should be worried.

If everything about them is private how certain are you you’re the only one in their life, they’re not engaged in illicit activities or have addiction crises?

If they can keep minor things from your knowledge imagine the huge things they have concealed.

You should also scrutinize how they behave with their phones and how security protected they are. If you can’t borrow their phone for whatever reason you need to be alert.

v.People don’t like them

If your colleagues and family bring up question and doubts about your better half, you should possibly heed.

Sometimes individuals from the outside looking in see aspects we do not see especially when overwhelmed by love.

Likelihoods are they have observed red flags and deal breakers you haven’t and out of worry they have raised it with you.

Content created and supplied by: ArntoTu (via Opera News )

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