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How You Can Avoid Her Friend Zoning You.

The first thing you need to do is to make her feel you are above her level. You can achieve that by you trying to do things in different ways. Most girls will friend zone you when they notice that you aren't the same level with them. So try acting like you can do all things.

The only thing you need to avoid is acting like you have money while in real sense you have none. There are some things you can fake such as confidence and romance. Those are some of the things that most ladies look for in a man.

Do not take long express your feelings to her. Most guys are friend zoned because most of them don't express themselves accordingly. After you have gotten her number and you have known her better, it's good to express how you feel about her.

Do not fear how her response will be. It's good to speak it out rather than hiding it inside for the entire of your life. When you take too long, there is a guy somewhere who is just waiting for that perfect opportunity so that he can propose it to her.

Ensure you talk things related to love and relationships most of the time. While you are talking with her, try to create some jokes about you guys getting married and wait to hear her response. If she accepts such jokes, just know that the perfect time has already arrived.

You can also enjoy her that she came in your dream and in that dream, both of you had kids. Such jokes will express that you love her indirectly. You should also know what she likes, there are some girls who don't like stupid jokes. So in such a case, just go straight to the point.

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