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Reasons why ladies are attracted to single dads

Single dads are just so attractive to ladies especially together with their adorable kids. They have so many attributes that ladies just feel pulled towards. These characteristics are hard for ladies to resist. The first main attribute is:

1. Responsibility

Ladies find responsible men attractive and the fact that a single dad has a kid is the most of the time an indicator of being responsible. We are familiar with the "hit and run" phrase which is practiced by most men there by earning them the term irresponsible men. A lady is likely to be magnetized to the single dad as the child is a living proof of just how responsible they are.

2. Maturity

Maturity in a man is viewed by their ability to take responsibility when needed. For this reason a single dads who takes care of their kid are seen as mature men and hence are likely to have a lot of ladies coming their way.

3. Stability

Being the custodian of a child in most cases means that the ability to provide for the child is guaranteed. This somehow brings out an aspect of stability in terms of financing and a provider concept. A man who can provide is a lady's dream which is why most ladies will go for such a man.

4. Security and care giving

Single dads look after their kids providing security and care due to their delicate nature. Well ladies have the same craving and will therefore want a man who will make them feel safe and cared for hence most of the time will go for such a man.

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