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As A Man Don’t Be Too Quick To Tell Your Woman These 3 Things

As a man, if you are planning to have a long lasting relationship, you should be careful with the words you speak to your woman and different levels in a relationship because a woman's emotions is aroused by what she hears rather than what she sees.

Below is a list of 3 things that every many shouldn’t be quick to tell their woman.

1. You’re only thing I need in life’’ Or, ‘’I love you more than anything in life’’.

Nothing wrong with showing love and affection for your girl; however, telling her that she’s your world and that she’s the most important thing, is again, unattractive. Yes, your women will love to hear it in the moment, but she wants to see you grow and live for something worthwhile. Telling her she means every thing to you sub communicates to her you have nothing else going on life. Love your relationship, but don’t become the relationship.

3.Do You Like Me?

Like my previous point, don’t be desperate and easy to get. If you are on your second date and you suddenly Start bringing up questions like “Do you like me?”, It’s going to make you seem like a fast person who can’t Wait for her to decide. Give it time, be patient, if she likes you she’ll tell you. Don’t make her run away.

3. I promise, I’m never going to leave you.

Unless you are engaged or married, you can’t say this. Because things may happen and you may have a change of mind. This can really hurt her in the future

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