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3 Reasons Why You Should Reject Her Today.

3 Reasons Why You Should Reject Her Today.

So, you need to understand the reason why you should have a boundary when it comes to accepting all girls.

Like, you can be having a taste in every girl you meet! You should be able to tell yourself that, “I cannot date such a lady, because of these reasons”

And it is true that that you also have respect from the ladies. See, if ladies realize that yoh lack a specific taste on them, they start taking you for granted.

Nothing hurts more than to realize that you are simply being taken for granted when you truly doesn't want to.

In that case, here are the reasons why you should reject all girls this holiday. Just read and make sure you execute.

1. It earns you respect.

Just as we have said, rejection makes things your way because people learn how to deal with you and how not to.

You can't be accepting everything that comes your way. You should be able to tell something a big No if it doesn't suit your requirements.

When a lady realizes that you have rejected her, she goes back and start giving you respect because she knows you are not the person she expected you to be.

In that case, if you reject them today, get ready to gain more respect from them as time goes by.

2. Makes you have a power position.

Well, power position is what you can do more than the rest. Like, a man is said to have a strong power position is what he does is so unique and desirable.

In this case, rejecting women makes you different from the rest because you do something that nobody expects you to.

Like, it is difficult for a general young man to resist dating a woman who comes his way by herself.

You tend to thank God for that and you give the lady a God - sent name. That only makes you look weak in her face.

That is why it is time to reject her and let her learn the hard way about you. It is all you need to know.

3. Gives you the power to choose.

Ever heard of cases where a guy is given a random girlfriend to date simply because he doesn't have a specific taste.

In this case, you cannot make your own choice because they think that you have been defeated in looking for yourself a girlfriend.

They will simply bring you a girlfriend who they think deserves while in real sense, she is not who you deserve.

To know your taste therefore, and to be able to make your own choice, you need to reject any girl that comes your way.

We hope it makes sense to you. If you have any question, put it down in the comments section below.

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