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8 Sure Ways God Shows You The Person You Are To Marry

1. Both a man and woman will receive confirmation

It is common to hear words liken God has told me to marry so and so but the question we always ask ourself is whether the other person has received the confirmation of the same. If it God who really spoke, he will ensure that both the man and the women have the conviction about the relationship. If God has spoken to you and not yet spoken to the other person, wait until the other person also receives a confirmation before you take any further step.

2. Make sure the relationship is biblically legal and acceptable

There are standards that should be met if you are a Christian when it comes to marriage. You don't just get married to a person because you feel it is the right thing to do. You have to be assured it is a biblically acceptable relationship. Some of the biblical standards include; being members of the same faith and many others. God does not approve any relationship that violates biblical standards of marriage.

3. Increased passion for the other person

When God shows you to marry a particular, he will have to make you develop passion for that person so that it doesn't look like He is forcing you to marry the other person. Remember God respects our personal will and doesn't force us to do things.

4. You will have peace of mind and be contented with the person

God will not just bring to you a total stranger whom you don't feel anything about and tell you the he she is the one. God knows your taste and knows the things that make you happy and that is why if you have new prayerful waiting for God, He will give you the desires of your heart.

5. God will use many ways to confirm the person

There are any methods that God uses to speak to us when it comes to confirming a marriage partner and He is not not constrained with a particular method. To some God can give dream, to others just a sign, others can receive a vision. You however don't limit God by this methods. It is not Everytime that God will give you a dream or a vision or a sign. Just be aligned to his will and he will lead you to the right direction.

6. Will cause your paths to cross

When God is wants you to marry someone, he will first of cause your paths to cross. When God puts this people on our paths, He gives us then a chance to act and he will not just manipulate you. This is meant for the two of you to connect and with the leading of the holy spirit, you will find hearts connecting with time.

7. Confirmation from the holy spirit

The holy Spirit actually helps us to know what is the will of the father for us and helps to confirm whether the decision we are making is right. If you are a person that has an intimate relationship with the holy spirit, listen to him, he will tell you whether the decision you're making is a right one or wrong.

8. God will create opportunities for you to interact and be together

This is very common because any relationship has to start from somewhere. You will begin finding coincidences that will create opportunities to be together. It could even be at works where you are given a same project. This is meant to make the two of you to interact so that God can build something out of it.

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