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Things only fake friends do.

You only here from them when they need or want something.

"oh, hey, I haven't talked to you forever, how are you doing? Are you free next weekend? I'm going moving and I'm going to need some help, would you lend me some money?" You might not have heard from this person for six months or more, but funny how you came to mind as soon as they needed some money. If you have proven that you will come to this person's rescue whenever needed, that is the role they have labelled you with: the helper, the fixer, the one they can depend on.

Talk about you behind your back.

First and foremost, a true friend would never gossip about you behind your back and spread all your secrets. No matter how juicy the rumour be or how popular it would make them, they would never jeopardise your friendship. And while fake friends talk trash about you and spread rumours when you are not there. Someone who really cares about you will never stoop so low to betray your trust like that.

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