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5 Things That Will Make Your Bestie Fall For You.

1. Buy her Gifts.

Mostly, men believe that women love to be showered with money. Avoid sending huge amounts to your bestie instead, find what she loves and surprise her with it as a gift. The rest will follow suit.

2. Impress her.

This is a simple trick. It takes 1 to 2 weeks before she falls deeply in love. All you need to do is to make time for her. Be available every time, i.e text and call for a couple times within the day for 7 consecutive days. She will rank you for being a gentleman.

3. Act different.

Every man acts polite and friendly to their best women friends. Sometimes try and be so kind to her when she mess. This makes you unique from other males who are trying to win her too.

4. Introduce her to your male friends.

Women normally prefer to know their loved one's circle.This why it is a nice idea to make your friends know her. It creates a good relationship between her and you which ends in dating.

5. Be humble and patient.

Being humble and patient simply means that, appreciating what one has and thanking Almighty God for everything. Therefore, don't ever brag about anything. Let her know the real you. It makes her feel your humbleness and patience.

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