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Apart From The Smile, What Other Things Men Look At When They First See A Woman

Below are 8 things that men notices first when they first see a woman.

1. Your Smile

A woman's mouth is frequently the first feature of her that a male will notice. A pleasant, inviting smile may convey the message, "Here I am; come speak with me." "You can try," a sly, seductive smirk may express. Additionally, a scowl may convey the message "Turn around and return to your mother's basement."

2. Your Laughter.

If a guy is at all competitive, he will quickly attempt to turn a smile into a chuckle. A gorgeous lady's giggle is one of the most beautiful noises a single guy can hear, as he'll be overjoyed that his charms are working. The laugh itself will help him determine whether he wants to ask the girl out: a sweet, seductive giggle may be music to his ears, whereas a loud, scratchy chortle may remind him too much of his uncle Morty.

3. Your Eyes.

Though a less discreet gentleman may be caught stealing a peak at other attributes, it is your eyes that a gentleman should focus on throughout conversation. However, any seasoned gentleman will examine your eyes for reasons other than their stunning aesthetic qualities. Much information may be transmitted and received through eye contact, and any guy interested in getting to know you will use yours to flirt and read signs.

4. Your Colleagues/Friends

You spend enough time with certain pals that you are likely to share a number of characteristics. Guys are aware of this and will likely judge you based on the company you keep. If there is a member of your crew with whom you have never gotten along, make an effort to avoid her on singles night.

5. Your Physical Makeup.

While no one enjoys admitting it, your build is just as much a part of you as any other physical attribute. For many men, a woman's weight is a more superficial characteristic that matters less than other characteristics when selecting a mate. However, some men seek out the Slim type, while others like a woman with curves. If he is making advances toward you, he is interested in yours.

6. Your Aroma.

Your perfume is frequently the one aspect of you that a guy will recall most clearly long after the two of you have parted ways. It may stay on the guy's clothing, hands, or sheets, serving as a gentle reminder of the incredible woman he's just met.

7. Your Individual Style.

While men may be unaware of who created your gown, they believe they are perfectly competent of observing and interpreting a woman's own style. Are you, like Hannah, a hipster? While you may not relate with any of the Girls characters, the average guy will certainly (at least subconsciously) classify your style the moment he meets you.

8. Your Self-Belief.

The energy you emanate is most crucial to a guy meeting you for the first time. Nothing (and I mean nothing) is more attractive to a guy than confidence. If you can carry yourself assertively and have a strong sense of self, regardless of your other characteristics, a guy will take notice immediately.

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