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Husband and wife relationship

She Is A Wife and a Best Friend. King Kaka Gives Nana Credits For Her Selflessness

It is through health and sickness, through riches and poverty that a couple vows and promises to his partner to stick with each other. Marriage is an institution where your partner gets tested and true character is displayed out in the open. For Nana, she insists that she doesn't have to stand in front of a congregation to make vows to do good by King's.

Nana Owiti is a true definition of a wife and if King Kaka's sickness was a test, she definitely scored an A+. Nana has for a long time challenged wives to be the best they can. Through all the months that King has been sick, she has been strong and firm by his side.

Before she decided to share with the social society about King's sickness, we all wouldn't have known that they were passing through a hard time. She still managed to go to work and put her family in order and take care of her love.

Marriage does not stand firm because of love alone. Friendship is the strongest thing that will make marriage last and King says this first hand.

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Kaka Nana Owiti


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