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Divorce Affair

A Woman Narrates How She Used Pepper To Catch Cheating Husband

They say that all men cheat and all women forgive. However, there are some women who respect themselves enough not to tolerate a cheating man. These women never rush into conclusions based on rumors or anything that is not backed up by concrete evidence or proof that their men are actually cheating.

They do their due diligence without changing their behavior towards a cheating man until they verify the cheating and take action without evoking drama.

One woman confessed on social media on how she used pepper to catch a cheating husband. To add salt on the wound, the man was shamelessly cheating with wife's best friend.

Here is the confession!

When I was still married I had a feeling he was cheating on me. I found a pack of condoms in his car. The box was already opened so i poked holes in each condom's wrapper and soaked them in habanero pepper(The habanero is a very hot variety of chili), for an hour and put them back into his car before he woke up. The following day he told me that he had to go help his mom with some things around her house. He left. Three hours later, my best friend called to tell me that she had sex with her boyfriend and now her cookie was on fire! My husband came home and placed an ice pack down there saying he got burnt by something.. Needless to say after that, he lost his wife and she lost her friend. Now whenever I see either of them, I always ask, where is the fire?

This story brings out a wise woman who is not sorry about her inhumane actions that helped her catch the cheating man! if you were in this woman's shoes Would you have done this to find the truth???

Thanks to the Habanero chili.

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