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What Makes a Woman Attractive?

Attractiveness is a way of being admired by someone around you. There are many things which makes us attractive. At some point in our lives we tend to attract someone maybe from the way we dress, our looks or even how successful we are in our lives. Men who are succesfull in there careers are attractive to most women. There are many things which make women attractive to men. From looks to succesfull careers. Below are some of the things which make a woman attractive.

1. Her smile.

There is something about smiling. A good smile depicts happiness and a happy soul.

2. Her eyes.

Eyes speak so much about someone's personality. They also act as a door to the soul. A man can get attracted to a woman just because of her smile.

3. Career success.

Having a successful career is just admirable. That signifies passion, hardwork and succesfull life. It's attractive

4. Her intelligence.

An intelligent woman is attractive as she always knows what to do and what to say. She always has ideas and knows how to work things out.

5. Self confidence.

Self confidence is self belief and high self esteem. A woman with self esteem is able to achieve anything she wants and that's just attractive.

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