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Things You Should Not Do To Your Woman

There are things you should not do to your woman.Here are things you should not do to your woman.

1.Never beat her for doing mistakes for you.Do not beat your woman because she has done mistakes to you.Whenever mistakes arise, sit down and discuss to solve that issues.

2.Never compare her with other women around.Do not make your woman look alike other women.Take herself as she is and get satisfied with what she has.

3.Never disrespect her.Do not interrupt her while she is talking or comment anything before she has finished talking.Listen to what she is saying and take action immediately.

4.Never make relationship with other women.Do not make relationship with any other woman.Get satisfied with her only as your only woman.

5.Never do your plans alone without involving her inside.Never do anything before you have told her.Do not keep your secrets alone.Always involve her in you plans and secrets.

6.Never ignore her suggestions.Do not ignore what she is suggesting.Listen to it and take an action for what she has suggested.If you are not willing, disagree in a polite manner.

7.Never assume her and make excuses when she needs your help.Do not make yourself busy to avoid your woman's request.Do not make excuses to avoid her.Find time and spend with het.Ask her how was her day and what she needs from you.

8.Never leave her to do work alone without helping her.Help her to do work especially in the house like washing utensils and cleaning up the house.

9.Never tell your friends about her and her secrets.Keep her secrets and never tell your friends story about your woman.Keep it yourself and her alone.

10.Do not look aside while she is talking.Maintain your eyes contact with her while she is talking or when you are talking.Always look directly to her eyes while she is talking or when you are talking.

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