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Husband and wife relationship

Qualities That make him the ideal husband

There are certain things that you should look out for when you are trying to find your soul mate. If your partner has this qualification never let him go.

1 always makes you smile. No matter how angry you are at him if he always makes you happy and smiling then he is the perfect one for you. You can not stay mad at him because he will always find away to your heart.

2 he is not selfish. the basis of a healthy relationship is compromise. If he is willing to compromise his happiness just to see you happy by either sacrificing their free time to do what you want then he might be the guy you have been hunting for. He should be able to put your needs ahead of his.

3 he can cook . women find guys who can cook more sexy. A healthy partner who is able to fix their meals will automatically reflect a healthy relationship.

4 he stands by you. if a man will always be there for you even in the rainy days then he is a quality man. He loves you unconditional regardless of the circumstances.

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