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Dear Men, 5 Things That Will Attract Your Dream Girl

These article will highlight 5 things that will attract your dream girl.

Dear men, here are 5 things that will attract your dream girl without saying aword.

1) Be committed

Being busy with your endeavors, However girls love someone who is doing something with his life. Stop being available to her every now and then. When your are committed even if you ask her number she be willingingly give it. Stay focused with your vision and desires.

2) Money

Are you capable of mentaining your own life? Men go around saying women like money, who doesn't love it? Show her that you are capable of taking care of her moreover you can mentain her without giving her cash.

3) your style

Women are attracted to men who have unique style, some love casual style while others official.upgrade yourself to a new style that your comfortable with.

4) Be clean

Your clothes should be kept and even yourself,have atleast a spray or roll on that will make you smell nice to her. Choose one spray that your comfortable with.

5) Be friendly

Being welcoming adds you points then avoid too match pride while you're with her. Be simple and straight forward. Remember a saying "A smile costs nothing but takes friendship a mile"

Do you feel like I have left something, be free to comment,share and follow for more.

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