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Weaknesses That Most Women Don't Care About.

Most ladies don't mind about the height. Some men lack confidence this is because they feel that they are too short. Typically women want men who are taller. This is the stereotypical thinking we all grew up knowing. Do not be worried because there are some women out there who are looking for someone like you. You can be short but you have big ambitions and good traits that can make any woman want you.

The insecurity of not owing a good car. It sounds good if you are that kind of man who owns a car. You can use it to attract most ladies you desire. Okay now that most men don't own cars does that mean you shouldn't have a girlfriend? Every person needs to be in a relationship. Not unless you want to join celibacy. Never be ashamed to approach a girl since you have a bicycle. She might like you with that same bicycle you are underrating.

Most women don't mind how much money you earn. Provided you can put food on the table, they are good to go. Your salary shouldn't deter you from having a woman of your wish. Having a less salary can be a weakness on its own but just remember that everyone starts from a humble beginning. You should also try to date a woman who understands your nature so that you can avoid unnecessary arguments with her.

The skin complexion. No one choose to have the skin complexion they have. So this shouldn't be the reason as to why you fear ladies. Check out on some of the articles i have written on how you can improve your level of confidence. Provided you are that type of man who is smart and has good goals, you will eventually have a woman. Okay most African girls like to be dated with the European men but you should also work hard so that your wife will not be taken by other men.

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