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5 attractive traits that women find irresistible

Being the best version of your self looks does matter but personality or traits is the most important. Being the best version of yourself personality wise will attract high quality women into your life.

Being the best of yourself also means that you have a purpose in life set goals and working towards archiving them .

Keeping cool in situations. A man who can keep his composure and calm in situations that are high stress or crazy situations is super attractive. Women will always want to be a person who is a protector and can defend them when need arises .

Humour. All women want to be with guys who don't take everything too seriously, who are a little bit fun to be with around. He should be able to see situation where you need to be serious and be light herded joke and fun

Good grooming habits. Women will always be attracted to men who take good care of themselves. These might include taking care of your hair teeth and general hygiene.

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