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Do this to get girls to respect you

When a gilrs respects you,shebwill be more attracted to you and here are the things you should do for a girl to respect you.

1.Act like a man

Most mens try to act in away they thinks girls expect which ends up being a disrespectful to her ending him being less attractive to her.

2. Stand up by yourself

Dont always be kissing on her body wherever she feels like to be, try to bearable on you by making yourself serious engaged in other activities. If you loose her respect once you will never gain it back.

3. Be honest

Be frank to her and avoid playing in house games when she real needs you time, dont even be like now am gonna not speak to you from today. This will make you be less attractive to her.

4. Build mental toughness

It is about having psychological edge that enables you to both generally cope well with her.

5. Be self sufficient

Do not rely on her emotionally always and also be financially stable, take her ou, buy her clothings she loves .

6. Respect her

Respect her whether she is around or not. Listen to her opinions and respect them

7. Repect yourself

Do not allow her treat wthout respect or talk down on to you

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