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Reasons Introverts Are So Attractive

While Introverts might be more comfortable enjoying their own company, they seem to have this magnetism, that's almost a super-power. Well, this ability to attract others isn't down to one specific thing, but a whole host of reasons:

1 They are dreamers due to their open and active imagination. Introverts spend a lot of time in reflective thought -working things over in their minds. Or just enjoying letting their mind wander, wherever it may lead

2 Introverts often turn their 'deep-thinking' minds to themselves -getting a chance to boost their self awareness, which created a fuller idea of their own identities

3 Spending time with introverts feel more sincere and special, as you have honest and introspective chats

4 At one time or another, we have probably said something embarrassing. Whether we were speaking out of turn or telling a bad joke. Introverts have a bit of an advantage here; they are known to settle on the edges of conversations, speaking when spoken to or when they see it as necessary

5 Introverts are a challenge as they know that sharing information about themselves will catch people's attention, and so, sometimes they will let bits of information slip to someone they're interested in. This is to test if the person they are interested in is ready to make the effort to form a sincere relationship.

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