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Husband and wife relationship

7 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

Every Woman Wants a healthy and happy relationship. The happiness in marriage is brought by the both of you but a man should be in fore front to ensure his wife is happy. Women love conversation, infact the worst thing you can ever do to your wife is to make her feel lonely, single and ignored in marriage. Make your wife happy in the following ways.

1. Create time to be with her, don't let it get to the point she has to beg you to be with her.

2. Have emotional conversations with her and listen to her. Even you as a man have an emotional and vulnerable side embrace it.

3. Don't shout at her or intimidate her, a wife is not supposed to live in fear you ought to be her safe spot.

4. Randomly call or text her not to give her task but just because you thought of her.

5. Touch her when you two are talking, caress her, rub her hands and let her lay on your chest.

6. Apologize to her when you are wrong. A woman who loves you wants to quickly forgive you and go back to warmth with you, make it easy for her by apologizing.

7. Compliment her, tell her how beautiful she is. Other people may tell her this but the one she wants to hear this from is you.

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