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Avoid These Dangerous Men In Your Relationship If You Are A Lady

Atleast when you love someone have visions and goals to achieve in future.Dont love people whom you will regret having them in your life.In this article am going to talk about kinds of men with habits that ladies should avoid for a healthy relationship;

1. Short tempered

If you are in a relationship atleast behave like a mature person and have respect to your partner. Most of the time in many relationships you will find that a man is the one who quarrels the lady,this is not how to live a good relationship. Ladies, avoid men who cannot control their anger because he is not mr.right.

2. Doesnt fear God

A man who doesn't fear God will not obey you ,trust me ladies.A man who is God fearing will always know marriage rules and he will always want to protect her relationship to marriage.

3. Materialistic

Nowadays we are in the world that people respect material things than the way they respect themselves.A man who loves material things such as digital lifestyle will not adore you in good way .if you the signs of materialism in you man,run way coz is the one meant for you.


A man who has vision in life trust me has a future with you and you should try to keep him.For example, a man who drinks alcohol to a point where he doesn't recognize himself ,doesn't have visions.This is because one who has future is just seen.

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