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Disease prevention and treatment

How to Avoid Disease and Live Happily

1-Going to shows: Going to shows, the cinema, the concert helps to live more better

2-Make friends at the workplace: Make friends, communicate by giving each other good advice, in fact, it helps to banish cardiovascular problems.

3-Getting married to live a long time: according to some studies, the life expectancy of people living as a couple is indeed longer than that of single people.

4-Get married well to live a pleasant life as a couple: carefully choose the person with whom to spend the rest of your life, according to the parameters that you deem important. Being able to understand each other is the key to happiness as a couple.

5-Living near greenery: Note that people living in rural areas have a higher life expectancy than city dwellers, because they live on the fringes of the city's heavy pollution.

6-Use humor often: a good joke can indeed release a hormone of well-being that lights up our lives.

7-Becoming a mother increases the experience of life 8-Listening to the advice of the elderly

9-Wash your hands several times a day

10-Wash with plenty of water at least once a day

11-Take frequent sea baths

12-Take a hot bath at least once a week

13-Learn to live for yourself and not for others.

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