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Dear Ladies Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Husbands Cheat But Still Cling To Their Wives

1.The love is genuine

For a man to have reached the level of marrying a woman it means the he loved you to the point that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.Some men will cheat on their wives but they will still love them the same way.They will always be their first priority ,so if a man cheats it doesn't mean that he don't love his wife maybe he has his reasons of cheating.

2.They thought they will find a solution

When a man decides to cheat there's always something behind it .He might be looking for something in other woman that his wife does not have and he thinks that others have it.If he doesn't find the solution he was looking for ,he will go nowhere but come back to his wife.

3.Fear of losing respect

Their is nothing in this world a man can fight for like that of losing his respect.A man will cheat with other women but he won't leave his wife because respect from friends and even family.That is what will make him cheat but still go back to his wife.

4.A sense of guilt

After a man has cheated on his wife he will live with the guilt of hurting his wife.This will drive him to apologizing to his wife so that things can be the way they used to be,especially if the wife is faithful it will hurt them the most .They will be forced to make with their wives.

5.For the sake of children

It is difficult for a man to leave woman who gave him children ,the woman who gave him his first child.He will cheat yes but he won't leave because of the bond .They say 'blood is thicker than water'.Parents value the happiness of their children and no one can like to watch his kids suffer because of his silly actions.

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