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'I Don't Want To Be A Mother' Muthoni's Decision That No One Has A Right To Ask Why

In this modern world, the female gender has the voice to either decide to have children or not. To many women, it's always a dream that one day, they will have kids and be able to be called a mother. Unfortunately, some women like Muthoni Gitau don't have such fantasies.

Muthoni Gitau is a content creator who has been on the trending list for her sentiments that she doesn't want to have kids in her life. Many Kenyans were quick to judge her for her decision she has made. Speaking to top online presenter, Lynn Ngugi, Muthoni gave her side of the story of why she doesn't want kids and how people were quick in judging her.

Muthoni Gitau says it's her choice for not having kids. She has never dreamt to be a mother or even being a step mother. Her dream is having a partner and just enjoy life without kids. Muthoni went ahead and explained that in our country there is a mentality that every woman should be married and give the parents a grandchild.

This expectations brought alot of reaction to her statement that she doesn't want kids. She says no one has the right to ask her 'WHY' because it's her personal decision.

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