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Havocs in relationship during the pandemic

It's clear that most relationship are hitting their lows during this Corona period and the majority are the young couple's.

The truth is that they need guidance but the society has turned a deaf ear to their plights and are first into judging them,we have seen how a happily married couples turn on each other and the end result is murder and suicide

The question is not about why, what and whatever triggers them to turn on each other but what can be done to fix it.

Most of the Clear factor to this trend is lack of trust,I believe that when trust is lost then love is also lost. Just because you are cheating it doesn't mean that everyone else is doing the same,,,,and the best remedy for this is to have patience.

Communication is key to everything that has to do with relationships,,,,it's essentiall to communicate it's also a way of letting out whatever it's bothering you so when you communicate to your partner there are high chances of getting a solution to the problem at hand

Space. This is one thing that most people don't believe in and at times it's mistaken to be letting go of your lover, every individual requires a "me time" it doesn't mean that your partner doesn't love you they only need to be on their own and it's healthy.

Lastly love. When you love someone you can endure the shit one offers,remember it's never going to be a fairytale there are ups and downs but what really matters is the amount of love one offers and understanding,,, both love and understanding goes hand in hand because if you love you will be able to understand and if you understand you will be able to love and look past their mistakes.

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