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Wedding planning scene

Some Common Mistakes Brides Need To Avoid.

Wedding planning is, on one hand, such a blissful time. On the other – completely stressful. However, no matter how perfectly you plan, things can and will go wrong. As brides design their wedding and start pulling the pieces together, there are key mistakes they make that sometimes prevent them from having the experience that they dream of. Being aware of these wedding mistakes and fixing them early on, can make your wedding planning easier. 

As you begin designing your wedding, an important factor in deciding what amount of work you want to put into it before, the day of, and after and how this also impacts your family and friends. Preparing for a wedding can be fun and stress-free if you take the time to avoid common mistakes that many brides and their wedding planners make.

Wedding planning mistakes

- Brides Schedule Activities After The Cake Is Cut

Historically, the tradition was that wedding guests stay at reception as long as the wedded couple did. Typically they would leave at a certain point with a rice or birdseed send-off for good luck. Guests that had to leave early would never leave before the cake was cut as it was seen as bad luck to not have a slice of happiness.

-Not having a Plan in Case of Rain

Wedding planning problems arise when the weather takes a turn for the worst. You should always have a backup plan in case of rain. Even if the forecast does not call for rain, you should have a plan just in case. Mother Nature is always changing and you don’t want a freak storm to ruin your special day.

- Goofing on the Marriage License

A common wedding problem is making a mistake on the marriage license. Most mistakes won’t matter such as if you are not sure where your parents were born. However, forgetting to get a marriage license is the biggest mistake to avoid.

-You Don't Put Yourself First

You must take time to think about the type of celebration you want. Do you envision a black-tie evening affair or a more casual daytime party? What is most important to you? Are you a foodie, or is music your thing? List your priorities. This kind of pre-planning will make both selecting a venue and setting a budget much easier.

- Order Your Dress Too Late

You want your dress to fit perfectly so you should make sure that you order it in time for alterations to be made.

- Sending Save the Date Cards too early

If you send your save the date cards too early and change your wedding date, you may inconvenience guests. A bride planning her wedding should consider waiting, but not too late.

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