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Opinion: Love should not be an entitlement

There say life and love is like a rollercoaster,where at one time the journey starts as smooth but as we proceed people go through many sudden and extreme changes in a short period of time.So the question remains can love really change a human being to whom you used to know to a stranger you don't recognize anymore.

If you really love your half, would you go an extra mile to make them happy and comfortable?We are all craving go or affection but are we really ready to sacrifice everything to get it?A relationship should be a half travel but a one spot destination.

Do me right as you would require me to do you,but we get to selfish and insecure when it comes to our partners, trusting a new person is never easy but being certain they won't hurt you is more difficult.

l believe if you really have good intentions and are certain about setting with your partner then you will go an extra mile for them.

You should be happy for one another for every small win they you get, should be a win for all.We don't need to treat our loved ones like a pet where we cage them from what they are meant to do.

Education is important and thus everyone should feel free and be able to secure.a spot in it,the more learned we get the better for the community,no one should restrict you from achieving your goals you set in life rather they should hold your hand and help you every step of the way.

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